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What Pearl Size Should I Buy?

Pearl size is one of the key factors affecting the price and also one of the first things to be noticed. While there is no definitive answer to this question, I believe this guide will help you find the perfect size of pearl for you and your budget.

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Learn About Pearl Grading

Grading Pearl Necklaces Let’s begin with pearl grading. If you’ve spent much time browsing stores and other websites, you’ve probably seen grading scales that appear to be all over the place. Some companies grade with letters, others grade with numbers and some companies don’t post any grades at all. It doesn’t make sense, does it? Well there is a reason. You’re probably familiar with the four C’s of diamond grading: cut, color, carat weight and clarity. In pearl grading, there are seven value factors. They include size, shape, color, luster, surface quality, nacre quality and matching. But here’s the catch! Unlike diamonds, there is no industry standard for grading pearls. What does this mean for you? Simple. You cannot comparison...

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About Pearl Types

Probably the single most important thing to understand when learning about Pearl Grading in order to make an educated purchase decision is this: it is impossible to compare grades and grading systems from one company to another. Unlike diamond grading, there is no standardized grading system for pearls. Every company in the world that grades and sells pearls is using a system that they themselves devised and created. Every system is subjective and every system is unique. We know with certainty, for example, that our AA+ graded akoya pearls have better luster, surface and color than another online sellers' AAAA pearls exhibit. This is the unfortunate result of no standardized, universal grading system. The French Polynesian government has created a...

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